The Cold and the Frog

We have an unwelcome guest staying with us.  It has only been a few days really, but already the guest has started to disrupt our lives and is the reason why Boo is home from school today.  I’m generally not one to beat around the bush.  Both Boo and I have a cold.  An unfortunate result of my lack of a driver’s license and it being winter on the west coast.

There is a reason why this area is called a Temperate Rainforest.  While the interior gets snow and rational winter weather, we get rain.  And lots of it.  Hopefully this means that this year our mountains will have a decent snow pack on them.  Last summer we had a dreadful drought, which made things interesting as it was Boo’s and my first attempting a garden of our own.

Good-bye sleeve

I had to tear back the sleeve on Nod’s sweater earlier this week.  I had realized that I had made a major error.  Instead of spacing the decreases out I did them all at once.  Even tiny humans don’t have 90 degree bends in their upper arms.

To be honest, I’m starting to get discouraged when it comes to this sweater.  I’ve been working on it since November.  It was meant to be a Christmas gift and at this rate Nod will be lucky to get it by Easter.  I’ll keep slogging away at it.  I just want it done.


It’s been a while

It’s been a while since I’ve sat down to blog.  Once again life came along and I found myself losing track of time and wondering how 8am became 7pm and what was going to put on the table for dinner.  That’s not to say that I didn’t craft or create, I’ve just been busy.


Last Wednesday I had the opportunity to meet up with another mom at a local coffee shop.  She wanted to learn how to knit on the round, a skill I’ve been working on.  It was an added bonus that the two of us have babies around the same age.  Nod loved seeing another baby.  I loved having another mom to talk parenting and knitting with.  Since I have yet to make it to a knit night out here I have not found anyone to talk about the love of my craft with.

The mom also gifted up with a lovely jade plant, much to my husband’s joy.  He had been wanting some more plants for around the home.  Since jade doesn’t flower it’s a good one for us.  My husband has terrible pollen allergies.  Flowers are not something we get often for obvious reasons.  Yet, he still loves plants and having green around the home.  So we’re on a quest to find lovely leafy, green plants for him.

Corriedale Fibre and Ashford Drop Spindle

Once the kids started to reach their limit the mom and I wandered over to a LYS.  As you can tell I picked up some fibre to spin up.  I totally blame Andi from Andre Sue Knits for it.  She’s been talking a lot lately about spinning and it made me want to get back in to it.  I’ve been watching some YouTube videos on using a drop spindle and while I think I’m doing it right it’s a lot harder than the people in the videos make it seem.  Granted my opportunity to spin comes during those brief moments between the children going to bed, the evening chores done, and before it’s time for me to turn in.  It also comes at the cost of my knitting time.


Speaking of knitting, I’m still working on Nod’s Playdate and my socks.  I’m half way done on sleeve on the Playdate and completed the heel turn on the first sock during the morning nap.  It’s usually around this point in my projects, that point where you can start to see the finish line, that I start to get distracted.  I start wondering what should I knit next?  I’ll go onto Ravlry and spend too much time looking at projects, checking to see if I have the yarn for a certain project in stash or wondering if I should pop out to a LYS to pick some more up.  I’m trying to get better.  I want to finish these projects first but the siren call of something new and shiny to work on it so tempting.

I know once I work past these temptations I’ll reach the actual home stretch.  That moment when the finish line is right in front of me and the desire to reach that finish is so strong that nothing can distract me from it.  For now, I’ll just try to put the blinders on and block out the siren call of a new project.

Also on my needles

Besides the socks I have two other projects on the go.  Both of them are left over Christmas projects that I simply could not get done in time.  The first is the baby’s sweater.

Playdate Cardigan by Tin Can Knits in Lion Brand Sock-Ease

It’s a Playdate Cardigan from Tin Can Knits. Another purchase from Knit City last year. This is also the first sweater I’ve ever knit. The pattern is straight forward and easy to follow. For yarn I choose to go with Lion Brand’s Sock-Ease in Rock Candy.  Originally I had thought that I had chosen to knit up the 6m-12m size but when it came time to knit the arm holes I realized that I had actually gone with the 1y-2y size!  It’s likely a good thing too.  The baby is growing so quickly now that he’s starting to be in 9m clothes.

Picking up the left arm

The sweater called for seaming the front to the back using kitchener stitch. Since this was my first time doing kitchener I had to pop over to YouTube and watch some tutorials on how to do it. Once I found my rhythm I actually found that I enjoyed doing it. Perhaps it was because I learned a new skill or may-be I’m just one of those knitters who enjoys seaming.  Now I’m onto knitting up the arms.  I can see the end of project coming and I’m already wonder if I should cast on another sweater once this one is off of my needles.  My daughter has been asking for me to make her one so that might be coming next.

Susie Roger’s Reading Mitts

The last thing on my needles is a pair of Susie Roger’s Reading Mitts for my sister.  I’d link you to the yarn but my husband threw out the skein band before I had a chance to add it to my Ravelry and my spare skein is in the stash upstairs in the room the baby is sleeping in.  I’ll try to remember to grab is later to tell you.  My sister has been asking for me to knit her a pair of fingerless mitts for about the past 3 or 4 years.  Considering it took me 9 years to knit up the blanket I had been promising my husband I think my sister is getting a pretty good turn around time.  I had originally intended to make these as a Christmas gift for her but since I had the baby’s sweater and my niece’s gift on the needles I had opted to buy her something else instead.  Instead these will be an “I love you and know these will help you” sort of gift.  I know that she’ll understand why it’s taken me so long to make them.  That’s the beauty about sisters.  They understand you.

The Princess and the sock

My daughter got to meet Cinderella today.  It was one of her Christmas Gifts.  We had hid a plastic glass slipper in the Christmas tree and placed the party invite by the mail slot and told her that it must of arrived over night while we were all sleeping.  She had a great time meeting Cinderella, learning how to wave and curtsy like a princess, and doing all sorts of activities.  From the sound of things she had a blast.


I did not get to see her interact with Princess Cinderella.  In fact, I did not attend the party at all.  On the drive over to the party the baby fell asleep in the back of the car.  Since my husband had driven us he got out with our daughter while I stuck around in the car. We had decided to go this route because I had brought my knitting to keep me entertained while the baby slept.  And boy did he sleep!  For the whole two hours that they were in the party he slept.  I got a fair bit of work done and Husband got to see a different side of our daughter.

He kept a running, play by play, commentary going for me via text message.  It was interesting reading him witnessing little girls being little girls.  I don’t think he was truly prepared for what was waiting for him.  From what has been relayed to me it sounds like he got to see exactly how our daughter interacts with others.


The project I had opted to take with me was a sock.  Which will, hopefully, turn into a pair of socks. My first actual pair of hand knit socks. Not my first sock mind you. I do have one. A dirty little secret sock that I’m pretty sure I messed up so badly on I’ve been waiting for a time to frog it and to reclaim my good sock needles and turn the yarn into something else.  Or to recast on later.  I haven’t really decided yet.

The yarn for the sock that I brought with me is from Yarn Ink, in her Immortal colourway.  It’s a merino/nylon blend and I love it.  I had gotten it when I went to Knit City last year.  Which, by the way, is awesome!  If you have the opportunity to attend next year I highly recommend it.  The yarn had been sitting in my stash since Knit City, tempting me every time I opened the stash up.  Finally, after spending November and December knitting gifts for people, I could resist its siren call no longer.  So onto my needles and into the car it went.

Doing a thing

I guess it’s about time that I jump onto the craft blogging bandwagon.  We will see how often updates will be posted here.  It all depends on the direction that life takes me.  Isn’t that the way things often are?  We start with the best of intentions and then life throws a curve ball our way.  And boy does it seem like the curve balls just keep coming.  Such is life.

I suppose you’d like to know a little bit about me.  I am a full-time SAHM with a passion for knitting and baking.  My two children are a 5 year old daughter and a 7 month old son.  Both of them keep me on my toes.