The Princess and the sock

My daughter got to meet Cinderella today.  It was one of her Christmas Gifts.  We had hid a plastic glass slipper in the Christmas tree and placed the party invite by the mail slot and told her that it must of arrived over night while we were all sleeping.  She had a great time meeting Cinderella, learning how to wave and curtsy like a princess, and doing all sorts of activities.  From the sound of things she had a blast.


I did not get to see her interact with Princess Cinderella.  In fact, I did not attend the party at all.  On the drive over to the party the baby fell asleep in the back of the car.  Since my husband had driven us he got out with our daughter while I stuck around in the car. We had decided to go this route because I had brought my knitting to keep me entertained while the baby slept.  And boy did he sleep!  For the whole two hours that they were in the party he slept.  I got a fair bit of work done and Husband got to see a different side of our daughter.

He kept a running, play by play, commentary going for me via text message.  It was interesting reading him witnessing little girls being little girls.  I don’t think he was truly prepared for what was waiting for him.  From what has been relayed to me it sounds like he got to see exactly how our daughter interacts with others.


The project I had opted to take with me was a sock.  Which will, hopefully, turn into a pair of socks. My first actual pair of hand knit socks. Not my first sock mind you. I do have one. A dirty little secret sock that I’m pretty sure I messed up so badly on I’ve been waiting for a time to frog it and to reclaim my good sock needles and turn the yarn into something else.  Or to recast on later.  I haven’t really decided yet.

The yarn for the sock that I brought with me is from Yarn Ink, in her Immortal colourway.  It’s a merino/nylon blend and I love it.  I had gotten it when I went to Knit City last year.  Which, by the way, is awesome!  If you have the opportunity to attend next year I highly recommend it.  The yarn had been sitting in my stash since Knit City, tempting me every time I opened the stash up.  Finally, after spending November and December knitting gifts for people, I could resist its siren call no longer.  So onto my needles and into the car it went.


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