The Cold and the Frog

We have an unwelcome guest staying with us.  It has only been a few days really, but already the guest has started to disrupt our lives and is the reason why Boo is home from school today.  I’m generally not one to beat around the bush.  Both Boo and I have a cold.  An unfortunate result of my lack of a driver’s license and it being winter on the west coast.

There is a reason why this area is called a Temperate Rainforest.  While the interior gets snow and rational winter weather, we get rain.  And lots of it.  Hopefully this means that this year our mountains will have a decent snow pack on them.  Last summer we had a dreadful drought, which made things interesting as it was Boo’s and my first attempting a garden of our own.

Good-bye sleeve

I had to tear back the sleeve on Nod’s sweater earlier this week.  I had realized that I had made a major error.  Instead of spacing the decreases out I did them all at once.  Even tiny humans don’t have 90 degree bends in their upper arms.

To be honest, I’m starting to get discouraged when it comes to this sweater.  I’ve been working on it since November.  It was meant to be a Christmas gift and at this rate Nod will be lucky to get it by Easter.  I’ll keep slogging away at it.  I just want it done.


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