And now we have a big kid

Wednesday last week proved to be an adventure for us.  My husband had a Skype interview with an outfit in Saskatchewan that evening.  So that he wouldn’t have to worry about the kids making noise in the background I walked them up to the McDonald’s not far from our place for dinner.  Everything was going okay until roughly a half hour after we got home when Boo started to get really squirmy and complained about a sore stomach.  Thinking she just needed the toilet we sent her off to the bathroom.  That was when I heard her start to cry.  It was the cry that I know means something is very, very wrong.  Immediately I jumped up and ran to the bathroom, just in time to witness her bring up her whole dinner.  I yelled for my husband to start a bath and to be on contain the baby duty while I held Boo’s hair back.  Once I was certain that she had finished, I helped her change out of her soiled clothes, brought her upstairs, and got her into a bath.

After her bath was when we received our second surprise of the evening.  Growing behind her bottom teeth was a new, adult tooth!  She had two rows of teeth, something that Google tells us is just a natural variant of how teeth come in.  We plan on getting her into a dentist as soon as my husband’s new medical plan kicks in.

Thursday I kept Boo home from school.  By Friday she was feeling better so she got to go to school that day.  After school she told me that her baby tooth became loose at recess.  By the time we got home from school Boo was complaining that her baby tooth hurt.  Around 4pm Friday, even after having some children’s Tylenol to help with the pain, Boo suddenly started to cry again.  Her tooth was really hurting.  This time I was able to very genitally pull it out.  Thankfully once the tooth was out the pain went away.  Now she not happily telling people that she it a big kid since she’s lost a tooth.