A Sad Day


I found out recently that one of my favorite LYS is closing it’s doors later this week.  As a result of this devastating news Nod and I hopped on to public transit last week for some stash enhancements.  I’ve already added it to my Ravelry stash page if you’re interested in seeing what I got.


As for my Oaklet Shawl I’m now at the lace border.  Since I’m still a beginner lace knitter I need to pay fairly close attention to what my doing.  As a result I can only work on the shawl after both kids are in bed.  Nod is currently teething so I’m lucky if I can get a row done in the evenings.  Thankfully I have a pair of socks on the needles as well so I have something to work on while we wait to pick up Boo from school or while Husband is driving us into town.



It’s been a while

It’s been a while since I’ve sat down to blog.  Once again life came along and I found myself losing track of time and wondering how 8am became 7pm and what was going to put on the table for dinner.  That’s not to say that I didn’t craft or create, I’ve just been busy.


Last Wednesday I had the opportunity to meet up with another mom at a local coffee shop.  She wanted to learn how to knit on the round, a skill I’ve been working on.  It was an added bonus that the two of us have babies around the same age.  Nod loved seeing another baby.  I loved having another mom to talk parenting and knitting with.  Since I have yet to make it to a knit night out here I have not found anyone to talk about the love of my craft with.

The mom also gifted up with a lovely jade plant, much to my husband’s joy.  He had been wanting some more plants for around the home.  Since jade doesn’t flower it’s a good one for us.  My husband has terrible pollen allergies.  Flowers are not something we get often for obvious reasons.  Yet, he still loves plants and having green around the home.  So we’re on a quest to find lovely leafy, green plants for him.

Corriedale Fibre and Ashford Drop Spindle

Once the kids started to reach their limit the mom and I wandered over to a LYS.  As you can tell I picked up some fibre to spin up.  I totally blame Andi from Andre Sue Knits for it.  She’s been talking a lot lately about spinning and it made me want to get back in to it.  I’ve been watching some YouTube videos on using a drop spindle and while I think I’m doing it right it’s a lot harder than the people in the videos make it seem.  Granted my opportunity to spin comes during those brief moments between the children going to bed, the evening chores done, and before it’s time for me to turn in.  It also comes at the cost of my knitting time.


Speaking of knitting, I’m still working on Nod’s Playdate and my socks.  I’m half way done on sleeve on the Playdate and completed the heel turn on the first sock during the morning nap.  It’s usually around this point in my projects, that point where you can start to see the finish line, that I start to get distracted.  I start wondering what should I knit next?  I’ll go onto Ravlry and spend too much time looking at projects, checking to see if I have the yarn for a certain project in stash or wondering if I should pop out to a LYS to pick some more up.  I’m trying to get better.  I want to finish these projects first but the siren call of something new and shiny to work on it so tempting.

I know once I work past these temptations I’ll reach the actual home stretch.  That moment when the finish line is right in front of me and the desire to reach that finish is so strong that nothing can distract me from it.  For now, I’ll just try to put the blinders on and block out the siren call of a new project.